I am on a journey to find extraordinary happiness.  And I hope you will join me!  But before we get to the good stuff, let’s take a step back and see how I got here.

As a psychiatric RN, I have treated thousands of patients with mental illnesses.  I noticed, throughout the years, that helping people overcome depression, anxiety, and other uncomfortable feelings was ultimately not resulting in my patient’s happiness.  Not even close.

At the same time, I also started noticing how many of my friends and family members were also not living in happiness.  Seemingly “happy” people were also suffering from apathy, feelings of emptiness, and a lack of fulfillment in their lives.

Statistics say 1 in 2 people will be depressed at some point in their lifetime.  If that is true, how many more people are simply not happy? Apathetic? Stagnant? Empty? Lonely? Unfulfilled?

After much thought, I realized that decades of efforts and research has been dedicated toward filling mental deficits.  In other words, bringing someone from a -10 to a 0.  But a 0 doesn’t = happiness.  How do we bring someone from a 0 to a +10?  Now, that’s a question that I ponder often.  Realize that it has only been in the past decade or so that some of the focus has shifted into this idea of happiness and resiliency.  It’s the new frontier and they are calling it “positive psychology.”

So I put myself to the test and I decided to take a happiness questionnaire myself:  The Oxford Happiness Questionnaire.  Now, I consider myself to be a pretty happy person: I scored a 4 out of 6.  That didn’t sound too bad until I read the average American scores a 4.  What?!  Considering anti-depressants are the 3rd most prescribed drugs in the US (we are a depressed bunch!), it became apparent I had some serious work to do.  So, I will be very honest with you:  I am not looking for the simple pleasures in life.  I have those.  I am looking for life changing soul shattering happiness.  And if you are really honest with yourself, aren’t you too?

For all of these reasons, I decided to start dedicating time to helping people on a broader scale.  And by “helping people” I am including myself.  Consider me your happiness guinea pig and work horse in one.

The Extra Happi Blog is going to be an accumulation of my personal experiences, scientific research, inspirational messages and practical strategies to help everyday people like yourself become increasingly happy.  My ultimate goal is to help each of you reach extraordinary happiness:  a life full of passion, energy, wellness, fulfillment and meaning.  The ride might be bumpy but I promise it will be worth it.

What’s your path to extraordinary happiness?Me & P



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